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Exam Specific Coaching Since exam patters vary for each examination, Defence Dreamers Academy offers exam specific coaching for CDS | SSB | NAVY | AFCAT | AFA | NDA etc.
Extensive Coverage Of Current Affairs Special weekly updates on defence related news, and latest developments, events and people in news. General Knowledge is taken up thoroughly.
Create Your Future With Us! Students at DDA come from various ethnic, religious, linguistic and economic backgrounds. DDA prides itself on its support of lifestyle choices, a high proportion of female students and continually improving accessibility to students of different abilities. As a defence academy , we have a moral obligation to create a safe learning environment in which students can grow and learn. To do our job well, we must be sensitive to the varied backgrounds and needs of these students.
Absolute Syllabus Coverage We also believe in extensively covering the complete syllabus on time, so that students get sufficient time for revision.

About Our Academy

Defence Dreamers Academy has attained a unique distinction and a decidedly reputable place amongst the best NDA coaching center in Lucknow. Defence Dreamers Academy is Providing best coaching classes for CDS | SSB | NAVY | AFCAT | AFA | NDA in Lucknow, India. We guide Student to Achieve his goal and get best NDA exams classes in Lucknow. Not just do we offer to control to learners as to the finish Syllabus, we furthermore take week by week and month to month mock tests of the understudies. Which will help the student to learn and understand more.
Defence Dreamers Academy is top most defence academy in Lucknow, India. We give understudies a world-class learning knowledge concentrated on making an effective vocation instruction through various learning approach illustrations and actualities. We are one of the predominant NDA instructing focuses in Lucknow region.
Defence Dreamers Academy is keeping up its best quality standard of teaching turning into the leader amongst alternate organizations at present situation. Defence Dreamers Academy is Airforce best coaching institute in Lucknow, India. best coaching classes for Cds in Lucknow, India. Defence Dreamers Academy has been giving exceptional results under the mentorship of our master staff for a long time.
Defence Dreamers Academy is one of the predominant CDS instructing focuses in Lucknow. With a solid and experienced pool of resources, the establishment is conferred itself to give quality instruction and rule to understudies and making them fruitful in various competitive and entrance tests.


Director Speech


As director of this institute, I hereby commit to uplift the education standards and provide equal and fair chance of success to the candidates. Defence Dreamers Academy has attained a unique distinction and a decidedly reputable place amongst the best defence coaching center in Lucknow. The coaching institute provides you an ideal platform to re-establish the connection and exchange our views and experiences.

'पहले काबिल बनो और फिर इच्छा करो' अर्थात यदि आप भारतीय सेना में अधिकारी बनना चाहते हैतो अपने आप को उस पद के अनकूल बनाना होगा | मै आप सभी छात्रो को एक उदाहरण के माध्यम से समझना चाहता हूं - आप सभी लोग बौद्धभिक्षुओं को तो जानते होंगे | वे बौद्धभिक्षु बनने से पहले जो शिक्षा ले लेते है वह बौद्धभिक्षु के आवरण एवं उनकी पुरानी पद्धति और अनुशासन का आक्षरश: पालन करके करते है अर्थात सर्वप्रथम वे उसी माहौल में स्वयं को ढाल देते है | ठीक उसी प्रकार यदि आप अफसर बनना चाहते है तो अफसर की तरह सोचना, बैठना, बोलना, खाना-पीना, एवं सब कुछ उन्ही कि तरह करना चाहिए | जिससे आपकी Psychology में सुधार एवं आनुरूपता आयेगी और आपकी राह अफसर बनने की तरफ और आसान हो जायेंगी | आपको अफसर बनने की चाह में हमारी अकादमी सदैव साजग एवं तत्पर रहेगी |


Genuinely, I would like to thank DDA for helping me. The guidance by all the teachers, the support of office staff and the study material, everything is just perfect to take you through BANK and other exams. Thank you DDA for making my career.

Manoj kumar verma

Class schedule run in DDA is efficient in giving more output in getting course completed within a time framework. With all support of DDA staff related to facilities and services, a candidate is encouraged to have a healthy and hygienic institutional environment to study.


Excellent!!! This is the best among all the offerings I have gone through. The tests are very relevant and have very good solutions and analysis. Excellent study material for preparations.

Anjali Tripathi